Sanctus - fmfdm2 - by fatmanfat.


Extract the fmfdm2.pk3 file to your baseq3 folder in your main Quake 3 Arena folder. Start Quake 3. Click Single Player. Click Skirmish. Click on through the maps until you get to Sanctus... Have fun.

Author: fatmanfat
e-mail: **email removed**
Game Type: FFA for 4-6 players
Bot Support: Enabled
Custom Textures: One from the Mean Arena pack
A few from the twpak and missingtex pk3s
Some homemade or adapted from id textures
Custom Shaders: A few
Build Time: 5 Weeks
Compile time: 1 hour 30 mins
Compile Machine: AMD kiii450, 128mb, matrox millennium g400 with 16mb
Download Location:

Thanks to:

id software
Bert Peers and Larian for Q3ASE:
Kiltron for the Mean Arena tex:
Beta testers: Mr Duplicity, toddg33, priestess, mac, phooka and phuzz

Legal Stuff: This map may not be included on any CD or exploited commercially in any way without the prior permission of the author. It may not be used as a base for other peoples maps. This zip file may be distributed freely in any electronical format (not including material format, such as CD or Zip Disk) without the prior permission of the author as long as the zip file remains unmodified. Thank you.

**email removed**