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**************************************** Title : mfgothicdm1 Game : Quake III Arena (v1.17) Add ons : none required Mods : none required Author : TheMic, Die-a-logue - Mike Fayol Author Email's : **email removed** Author Web Site's : www.michaelfayol.com Feedback : PLEASE SEND IT, via e-mail : ) Release Date : May 16, 2000 Files : mfgothicdm1.pk3, mfgothicdm1.txt Maps : **************************************** * Description * Small gothic level, with some cutting edge technology: ), good for fragging with 4-12 players. Under single player (skirmish) mode total 5 players, 4 Bots and yourself. Watch the lighting effects in order to find teleporters. **************************************** * Play Instructions * To play, use the game menu and select skirmish. Select Free for all (FFA) mode Select Mfgothicdm1. The default bots for this level are the ID guys and gals; doom, visor, mynx and sarge. **************************************** * Tips * Try to get the plasma gun into play, take the extra, 20 seconds and get it, because of the tight corridors it is a true killing machine. If everyone seems to be staying in the courtyard, find the teleporter to the Railgun and snipe away. This will help spread them out a little : ) **************************************** * Play Information * Game Modes : FFA 4-8 players Difficulty Settings : No New Sounds : No New Graphics : No Demos Replaced : None **************************************** * Credits * Everyone at the Gamedesign.net Forums - For helping a poor sole out with there experience and knowledge. Q-Workshop 3 site - for all the tutorials. SYLUM ENTERTAINMENT LTD. - for all the crazy ideas thrown my way and giving me the hardware to do the job right. AND once again: Everyone in the editing forums at gamedesign.net. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ **************************************** * INSTALLATION * Unzip mfgothicdm1.zip and place mfgothicdm1.pk3 and mfgothicdm1.txt in baseq3 directory. **************************************** * Already Released levels by author * ***** Quake III Arena ***** MFUNHOLY MFDM1 **************************************** * Construction * Base : From scratch Construction Time : NA Editor Used : Q3Radiant * System * Dell Dimension XPS PII 450 256 MB Ram * Compile Data * N/A * Known Bugs * You will get a warning about some powerupshit texture. Ignore it, for some reason it just shows up whenever I create Teleporters. * Design Philosophy and Discussion * This is my forth level, being that I will NEVER-EVER release my first level. The layout idea came from an office that I was setting up a network in. I thought the layout was a great idea, but of course when you actually play it, it just doesn't work as well as you thought, so knock down a wall, put a wall where the door was and now I have my prettiest and just as enjoyable level as any other that I played. The thing I like about this level the most is the fact that the bots are just about everywhere in the level. It seems like they don't need to just be stuck in one area, as happens in most q3a levels. Then again I get that one or two times that the previous about this level doensn't hold true. Well that's it, happy fraggin' * Copyright / Permissions * Feel free to post and play this level. Please do not change any file associated with this level.
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