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Divine Intervention
Divine Intervention (CATQ3CTF01)

Title . Divine Intervention
Date . 3-16-2000
Filename . catq3ctf02.zip
Author . Sean Walton (Catalyst)
E-Mail . **email removed**
Home Page . planetquake.com/outlet
Description . Quake 3 Arena CTF Map

- Install and Play Instrutions -

Place "map-catq3ctf01.pk3" in your Quake 3 Arena "baseq3" folder. Now The map will show up in the in-game menu system under Capture The Flag.

- Construction Info -

Editor Used . QERadient
Known Bugs . None that I found
Build Time . Three Weeks
Compile Time . Unknown, left it to build over-night.
Compile Machine . P2-350, 64 MB RAM

- Other Stuff -

Although the release dat for this map is three days after "catq3ctf02" it was started first thus deserves the "catq3ctf01". Please don't place this file or any part there of on a commercial product without my written consent. Do feel free to distribute this file electronically as you wish. Thank-you and have a nice day.

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