Author: Enrico Nencini (Balder)
Email: **email removed**

Map Name: Relief.bsp (Relief)
Version: 1.0
Started: 17/03/2000
Completed: 30/03/2000
Updated: ...
Editor Used: Q3Radiant
Project Time: 13 days (part-time)
Compile time: 2 hours on a PII350 oc 392 mhz
Arena Size: Small (2-8)
Bot Support: Yes


This is my second map, any suggestion is really welcome, so i can improve my design in future maps. Feel free to mail me any comment/insult/idea or whatever. Originally i wanted a 1on1 map, but ideas kept flowing and the map is larger than i intended inmy plans.The map is intended now for a total frag-fest in 6 guys lan parties, we tested it and it seems to rock quite enough. Bot support is fair, but they don't seem to like the upper area: they keep fighting on the floor for 90% time.
Remember to select "lightmap" and not "vertex" in the lighting option in Q3 as this is visually FAR better! This time i used only textures from the original Q3 folders, to keep downloading time small. I really hope someone will enjoy my 2nd effort.

-Enrico Nencini (Balder)

PS - For future magazines interested in putting this map on your CD, the process is as follows: Email me for permission, upon permission agree to send me a free copy of the issue with my map on the CD, send me the magazine. I don't care what language it is in (you French hear me?).

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