The Clock Tower
March 10, 2000
My first Quake3 map!

This is version 2 of the clocktwr (not clocktwr2 just a revised edition)

1 ) Extract into your Quake3/baseq3/ directory
2 ) Start Quake3
3 ) To play "The Clock Tower" (Description below) type "map clocktwr" in the console

Add bots and give it to your friends or play it online
and give it to your friends, its all set to go :@

Title : "The Clock Tower" for Quake3
Filename : containing:
map-clocktwr.pk3 containing:
maps\clocktwr.bsp - map file
maps\clocktwr.aas - bot file
scripts\clocktwr.arena - level menu file
readme.txt - this file
Author : Vince Lupo (aka Destroy)
Email Address : **email removed**
Additional Credits to : Thanks to my dad, brother and my friend James
for helping me with the beta testing.
Thanks to id for consistently making great games.
Thanks to Tom "ParadoX" Mustaine for his readme txt as a base.

Gameplay Specifics:
version 2 info: I added a .arena files, team location entities, and changed this txt file.

The Clock Tower (clocktwr) is built for 3-7 players. There is just about everything in
this level except for the railgun and lightning gun. Those two weapons wouldn't be much
fun on this map (at least with bots).

I had always used bsp before quake3 tools came out. I tried Q3Radiant and discovered it
looked just like BSP in many ways. So I checked out the tutorials for q3radiant and
whatever tutorials I could find on quake3 mapping. I made a test bed map to try out all
the tutorials in. Someone's tutorial on making hallway prefabs, intersections and corners
is what finally started the avalanche of ideas.

It didn't turn out exactly the way I thought but I like it and could expand it to the
size I imagined at first. For a while there was a plan to make another platform and/or
building on the other side of the bfg tower with a railgun or rocket launcher. In fact
the Rocket Launcher was only temporarily placed in the spot it's in now. In beta testing,
I discovered that the rocket launcher really belonged there.

The map is pretty balanced. If you camp at the rockets too long, your health will dwindle,
and everyone else on the map will probably have a plasma gun, 200 armor, health, quad damage
and a battle suit and vice/versa. So you have to keep on circling the level.

Bots... I spent a lot of time making it fun with bots. For every 3 great things about
quake3 bots, there's 1 flaw. They are picky about certain bounce jumps, finicky
about door lifts, sometimes very one dimensional, but they are great once you work
past the flaws. Try lots of games with the bots. They are awesome on this map. It took
a while but they finally went for the bfg. They no longer go there on accident, they no
longer go to the bfg platform just to go right back, and they now use the plasma bounce

The actually clock tower name itself kind of rose up by accident when I put that switch on a
texture behind the bfg. There appears to be a maximum size for that texture (maybe for all
textures). The tower itself is inspired by q3tourney6's bfg platform. There are tricks to
make getting the bfg safer, quicker and easier. Some of them obvious, others not so obvious.
I'll leave it up to you to discover them. Hint: the bars on the platform are a normal door.

I put fog on the bottom of the level because I didn't want a floating platform level. I chose
the space walls because putting fog on the walls didn't seem to work well combined with a
floor fog (when I tried it at an earlier stage of production). I might try that again though.

Base : QERadiant Tutorials. It eventually developed into a fully featured level.
Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant and Q3Radiant 181
Build time : About 30 hours across a month.
Compile time : ~25 mins for clocktwr compile, ~1 min for bot compile

* Copyright / Permissions *

Go ahead and play this sucker online, distribute it, etc.
But, if your thinking about putting this on a shovelware CD, stop thinking.

Questions? Comments? Problems? Requests? Feel free to mail me at the emails below.

See you online!

Vince Lupo
aka Destroy
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