UltraViolence (2)
by Foo
Title : UltraViolence
PK3 Name : ultrav.pk3
Author: : Adriano "Escher" Lorenzini
Converted By : Chris "Foo" Thorpe
Release Date : 2nd October 2022
Email Address : **email removed**
Home Page : www.quake3world.com/forum/
Game : Quake 3 Arena

Description : Faithful conversion of the Quake 1 map ultrav.bsp. There was already a Q3 port of UltraV - q3ultrav.pk3 by R "Slomoe" Robertson. However it felt too small in scale and some items had been substituted in a way I felt didn't hold to the original. This version sticks as close as possible to the original, just scaling up (to 1.125x) to accommodate Q3's differences in speed/movement. Since base Q3 does not have a green/25 armor, there is a magic armor shard on the upper walkway which will give you 25 armor when you collect it.

Unusually for a duel level, the quad is essential to play here. If your server has powerups disabled for 1v1, you will need to enable them for this map to work as intended.

Bots work fine, but tend to run the upper corridor and teleporters in a fairly tight loop.

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Gloves Off (Quake Live)


* MAP Information *

New Textures : Direct ports of the original textures for ultrav.bsp

* Construction *

Base : The original ultrav.bsp and q3ultrav.bsp for reference. Rebuilt brushwork from scratch. Textures were kept original.
Construction Time : Two days, or about twenty hours
Build Time : 1 minute
Editor used : Netradiant-Custom
Other programs : Q3Map2, Notepad, Paint3D
Known Bugs : Bots won't go for the quad, I think the process is simply too complicated for them

* Copyright / Permissions *

I have no idea what the copyright situation with this conversion would be if it ever came down to it. I assume it vests with the original author and id software. Do what you like with this conversion, insofar as I have whatever right to permit that.

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of
id Software, Inc.