Elder God Ruins
Saturday, November 24, 2001
Title : Elder God Ruins
Filename : eldergodruins.pk3
Author : David M. Pochron
Email Address : **email removed**
Web Site : www.ticon.net/~dpoch
Additional Credits to : id Software & Sandy Peterson for original Q1 Elder God Shrine
Other Maps By Author : Quake 2: egodruin, bigspacegunup, bigspacegundn
Quake 1: rktarena
Unreal: DMLightsOut
UT: Elder God Shrine, DM-OctalArena


* Play Information *

# of PLayers : 4-10
FFA : Yes
Team Deathmatch : Yes
Tournament : Yes
CTF : No
Botmatch : Yes


* Construction *

Base : Elder God Ruins (my Quake 2 map)
Editor(s) used : QERadiant
Known Bugs : Bots don't go for the medkit, flying powerup, nor
the haste powerup.
Build Time : About 3 weeks, mostly learning to do the things I
want to do in Quake 3, and trying my best to get the
bots to work right.
950 Mhz PIII system w/ 384 megs of RAM.


Copy the .pk3 file into your baseq3 folder.


After the fall of Shub-Niggurath, the world which was the home of
the Elder God Shrine was forgotten and fell into disrepair.
Several hundred years later, as man expanded out into the deepest
reaches of space, several mining expeditions came across this world
and found the ruins of the former shrine. All layed claim to the
artifacts at this site, and now battle amongst themselves to see
who will get to uncover the secrets of the Elder God Ruins.

Author Notes:

I fixed the problem with the bots not using the teleporters. Turns
out it was my fault - the destination entities were half-embedded in
the floor, and the AI doesn't see the destinations in such cases.
Also, I added an item_botroam near the BFG with a wicked amount of
weight on it (800) to get the bots to navigate to it, and also made
it easier for them by adding some bot_clip brushes to the wall they
must walk on.