World's End

map : mavctf1 World's End
author : .ki.Maverik
date : April or sum shit like that
Alcohol Consumption: Moderate
Time to Complete : Do you really fucking care?
Wasted Time : 87% (Was drunk so wasn't a complete waste)

Just a small q3 ctf map designed for 1v1 or 2v2. My first and last attempt at q3 map making. Due to the unpopularity of custom maps and my inability to understand hint brushes. (Basically I am reduced to making small 1 room maps or large multiple room maps that run slow as shit) Oh well I'll just play the game =)


Place the mavctf1.pk3 file in your quake3\baseq3 directory
Launch Quake3
type g_gametype 4 in the console (For CTF)
and then type
map mavctf1 in the console

Known problems

Music stops on slower systems
Bots are retarded (Can't seem to get the flag)
No info player deathmatch spawns..So if you try to run the map in other game types it will not work. I did this to prevent gay instagib or teamdm playing on the map. CTF ONLY!

Other things

There is some other dude who has a map mavctf01. I have no clue who he is and hope people don't confuse him and his un-runnable maps with me.


If you have a cool tutorial on hint/detail brushes or you want to bash my map you can find me using irc here---> Server: Channel: #killer