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TITLE : toxic_fabric AUTHOR : Devils Right Hand DATE : 30.09.2017 TYPE : Team Deathmatch/Deathmatch/Tournament/Capture the Flag bug report feedback : discord Devils Right Hand#2240 Release date beta 1.0 : 30/11/2018 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * LEVEL DESCRIPTION * some professors found in some ancient ruins in greece a couple books with some unknown letters,after they decode some letters they go to rainforest in brasil and nortpole to investigate some meteorite crystals what are written in the books,the professors use there toxic facility where they work to gain access to the generators for there power to open a time vortex for the Stroggs ,that they come in our time ================================================================================ Version : beta1 ================================================================================ = CONSTRUCTION = MAP BASE : new Map EDITOR(S) USED : netradiant 1.5 custom x64 KNOWN BUGS : COMPILE MACHINE : amd 6300 6x 3,5 ghz ,12 gb ram ddr3 ,amd rx580 8gb ,win7 x64 COMPILE TIME : 25 min COMPILE version : LIGHT: -light -fast -samples 2 -dirtscale 2 -dirtdepth 512 -patchshadows -bounce 2 "[MapFile]" BRUSHES : 17697 ENTITIES : 1379 ================================================================================ = special thanks = twt thunder for support twt teuthis for support twt mateos for support macchute for help with scripting kemon for hint support WuTangH help with scripting at obj TomTom7777 help with scripting at flagspawn change respawn time native12 for making botz waypoint twt ray for support uje niek for support/feedback and beta test on server www.alientrap.org for NetRadiant 1.5 custom Simon O'C for tuts Victor Karp for tuts ets kate beta test on server wasp.sk for support/feedback and beta test on server ================================================================================ = Credits = twt thunder: weld.model generators.model weldtanksm.model tools.model ----------------------------------------- Devils Right Hand: models\mapobjects\dmodels\ellas textures toxic_facility_misc/generator1 textures toxic_facility_misc/generator11 textures toxic_facility_misc/generator2 textures toxic_facility_misc/generator22 textures toxic_facility_misc/time_vortex textures toxic_facility_misc/time_vortex2 textures toxic_facility_misc/noise_green textures toxic_facility_misc/power_panel textures toxic_facility_misc/number_panel toxic_facility_Vending_Machine/banner textures toxic_facility_banner/banner ----------------------------------------- Greg Ward (flipout): textures toxic_facility_misc/grunge_9 textures toxic_facility_misc/Splatter01 textures toxic_facility_misc/Splatter02 textures toxic_facility_misc/slime ----------------------------------------- D-Meat: toxic_facility_metal/blastdoor_back ----------------------------------------- Yves Allaire aka "evillair : toxic_facility_metal/eX_floor_mtl_wrn_01_d toxic_facility_metal/eX_trim_simple_01_d toxic_facility_metal/eX_mtl_panel_04_d toxic_facility_metal/eX_floor_grate03_d toxic_facility_metal/eX_mtl_panel_03_d ----------------------------------------- trak, tZorkc : toxic_facility_metal/trim_trim9a toxic_facility_metal/trim_trim9b toxic_facility_metal/trim_trim9c toxic_facility_metal/trim_trim9d toxic_facility_metal/trim_trim9e toxic_facility_metal/wall_wall4a toxic_facility_metal/wall_wall4b toxic_facility_metal/wall_wall4c toxic_facility_metal/wall_wall4d ----------------------------------------- textures are from www.textures.com toxic_facility_metal/metal_blue toxic_facility_metal/metal_blue_rust toxic_facility_metal/metal_green toxic_facility_metal/metal_green_rust toxic_facility_metal/metal_green2 toxic_facility_metal/metal_green2_rust toxic_facility_metal/metal_rust toxic_facility_metal/metal_rust2 toxic_facility_glass/WindowsBacklit ----------------------------------------- signs are free from net ----------------------------------------- Simon O'C :books ase.models i change some books from his book tut and maked ase.model of it textures\toxic_facility_misc/xtele_swirl4 ----------------------------------------- Avoc @ eft-clan.com : skybox firefly : cloud --------------------------- nobiax : barrel.model ================================================================================ Distribution / Copyright / Permissions Copyright (c) 2018 Devils Right Hand All rights reserved YOU are not allowed to make any money directly/indirectly from my textures use. You can use my textures in free games like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or quake3/quakelive as long as you include this readme note indicating you got it from me. Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. This level may be electronically distributed not-for-profit only at NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN ANY WAY. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THIS LEVEL TO BE DISTRIBUTED ON CD-ROM (or other media) WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION.
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