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============================================================ Release Date: Started - May 26, 2016. Finished - April 11, 2018 (a few long breaks in there) . Quake III: Arena FFA ============================================================ Title: Final Inspiration Filename: q3fig.pk3 (Quake III Final Inspiration Gooball) Author: Gooball E-Mail: gooball60 at gmail dot com Game: Quake III: Arena Description: An ode to Quake III and my mapping experiences that come with it. I've released some Quake III maps of questionable quality in the past, so I thought I would totally out do myself with this one. A small map best suited for 2-3 players, or 4 players if you want things to get spicy. I originally wanted to go for a traditional Q3 feel, but after playing some Quake Live maps, their influence got the best of me and some of thier elements crept into my map. ============================================================ How to Play: After downloading, unzip the contents of the .zip file into your baseq3 folder. Run Q3 and find the map in the skirmish map list, or press `, and type /map q3fig or /devmap q3fig if you want cheats enabled! :P ============================================================ General Information: Free For All: Yes Tourney: Yes Team Deathmatch: Yes Capture The Flag: No Players: 2-4 Weapons: Rocket Launcher, Plasma Gun, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher Powerups / Items: Invisibility, Personal Teleporter, Health, Ammo, Yellow Armor, Armor Shards Size: Small Type: Base Bot File: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: No New Shaders: Yes ============================================================ Build Information: Base: Made from scratch Editor Used: GTKRadiant 1.6.4 Other Programs: Notepad (for readme) PakScape (for .pk3 creation) Bugs: idk, you find them Build Time: Many moons Compiling Time: wasn't counting, oops System Specs: OS: Microsoft Windows 10 CPU: Intel Core i7 at 2.60GHz GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M (Laptop) RAM: 8 GB ============================================================ Other Stuff: Decided to use my knowledge and skill gained from Source Engine mapping to make a map for Q3. I miss those days... Inspired by various maps (q3dm11, q3tourney2, q3dm7, some Quake Live maps like Phrantic, Seams and Bolts, Hektik, Somewhat Damaged, and Tornado) Probably not optimized very well ============================================================ Thanks To: The people at ..::Lvl (especially Tig) for housing a great number of maps and an awesome community. And of course, id Software! ============================================================ Legal Notice: Final Inspiration by Gooball, Copyright (c) 2018. All rights reserved. Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software Inc. All rights reserved. This level may be electronically distributed only at NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN ANY WAY. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THIS LEVEL TO BE DISTRIBUTED ON PHYSICAL MEDIUM SUCH AS A DVD WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION. ============================================================ Happy Fragging :D ============================================================
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