Running Man
AKUTATOURNEY8-------Running Man

Date : 4/27/2017
Filename : akutatourney8.pk3
MapName : Running Man
Author : AKUTA
Email : **email removed**

Website :

Description : Remake of q3dm2 (House Of Pain) with some modifications of
: the original layout. Added an upper atrium connecting the
: main parts of the map. Tunnel is re-configured as well.
: No Haste powerup in this version, instead its a battle over
: RA and the MH. Map is designed for 1v1 in mind, however ffa
: could work on this map as well. Bots do okay, but wish they
: did better. Thought about calling the map Tron, but it doesn't
: look near as good as Tron. So I settled on Running Man.

Credits : ID Software
: Yves Allaire--Evil Lair (Minor Modifications by AKUTA)
: Gtk-Radiant
: Photoshop
: Sincere apologies for anyone I forgot to mention.

Maps :AKUTATOURNEY ---Centrifuge
:AKUTATOURNEY4---Military Complex
:AKUTATOURNEY5---Core Gravity Drive
:AKUTATOURNEY6---Deep Purple
:AKUTATOURNEY8---Running Man
:All can be obtained at my website:
:All maps can be played at my server connect:
:or connect:


Base : New level made from scratch

Editor : Gtk-Radiant
Bugs : None.
Build Time : 4 Days
Compile Time : 2 minutes
Music : Yes
Sounds : Yes
Bot Support : Yes
Application : 1v1 (Small FFA)
Weapons : Shotgun ; Rocket Launcher ; Railgun ; Plasma Gun

***Copyright / Permissions***

Quake 3 Arena is a registered trademark of ID Software, INC. This map also
incorporates textures mainly from Senn. See above information for more details.
You may distribute this map FREELY via internet, provided you include
this TXT (readme) file and leave the archive intact with no modifications.
If you would like to use this map in any other way,
please contact me via email: **email removed** or reach me at

Special Gratitude: ID Software, because without your game this would not exist.