January 09, 2016
Title : Chronophaia
Version : Public Release
Filename : obs3dm4.bsp
Author : Obydenniy Konstantin/Obsessed
www : no, sorry

* Play Information *

Designed for : FFA/Tourney
Bots : Yes
New Graphics : Yes
New sounds : No
Powerups : Quad

* Credits *

I used textures by Hipshot all over the map, except of standard common, liquids and sky textures by ID software.
I thank Hipshot very much for (textures, ofc) inspiration by his Rustgrad map, which is incredible!
Take a look, it's worth it:

The level came out to be open enough. This brings some discomfort to play with nightmare skill bots, who prefer Railgun.
I tried to do my best to make it balanced, but anyway, Railgun seems to be a "heavy counterweight" for hp & armour,
so I put it as far as it was possible. Hope you'll enjoy duels anyway. :)
P.S. Quad's grating are opened only when you enter quad area. This is made so to avoid camping there.