Europa Station
aty3dm5 :For Quake III Arena
by Anthony Tullo "AKA Kaustic"


Europa Station, Once a peaceful scientific observation station. Scientist from Earth came to
study Jupiter's moon Europa. Little did they know that during construction of the station they
had built it on top of a highly toxic gas pocket trapped in the ice.One day there was a
Moon Quake that fractured the ice and cracking the foundations permitting the gas to leak into
the station.The occupants, completely unaware of the gas began to become delusional. After
several hours of exposure to the gas people began to hallucinate. Seeing danger lurking in
every corner and from everyone. Soon people were killing their once friends and families.
Finally the lone survivor died from exposure to the gas. The station was abandoned and
forgotten. Years later the station was discovered By the Vadrigar who repaired the foundations
and contained the gas, converted the station into an arena.

Now let the games begin.

Title: Europa Station
Filenames: aty3dm5.pk3, aty3dm5 Readme
File size:12 Mb +/-
Author: Anthony Tullo (Kaustic)
Address: **email removed**

Description:Small/Medium map ,2 to 10 players.

Started sometime in the 2008/9 timeframe ,original concept dumped and restarted 27 Aug 2012.
Dec 2012/Jan 2013 map concept changed again.After looking at alot of custom maps in my
collection I was inspired by Lun3DM2 Lets Drink Beer and Shoot Things.I particularly like
the textures and brushwork in the map.I decided I needed to change how I had been doing
things. Aty3Dm5 in its final incarnation- Europa Station.

Additional Credits: Many thanks to AEon,For his many suggestions during the creation of this
map (or should I say re-creation).They most certianly helped me make a
much better map.
Obsidian- Mapping wizard extraordinaire,need I say more.

Matt "Lunaran" Breit- For the inspiration and textures.

Quake3World Level Editing Forum and those that hang out there.

Map Instructions: (I use UIE12. A very useful game interface).

Place aty3dm5.pk3 into your Quake3/baseq3/directory.
Launch game and go into the skirmish option and scan for levelshot.

Bot recommendations- Anarki, Sarge, Tank Jr., Visor, Lucy, Daemia, Phobos, Razor, Xaero. These
bots seem to work well in the map.


****Compiler:Intel Core i7-3930k Sandy Bridge-E,G.Skill Ripjaws Z Series DDR3 2400 32Gb,
Asus P9X79 Pro LGA 2011 Intel X79 M/B , 2-EVGA GeForce 670 FTW 2GB 256-bit

Final Compile -BSP -meta -samplesize 8 -v -verboseentities
-VIS -saveprt -v
-LIGHT -bounce 5 -dirty -samples 4 -samplesize 8 -v
-BSPC -forcesidesvisible -grapplereach -optimize

SP BOT support - YES
Textures - Lun3dm2 (Lunbase) Textures by Matt "Lunaran" Breit.

One or More textures on this map have been created with images from These images
may not be redistributed by default.License info found at
Please visit for more information.

Sounds -19994_marec_tremor, By Marec() (file converted to 16 bit mono PCM

-Cold stormy wind MP3, By Blastwave FX, www.prosoundeffect...astwave-fx.html
(file converted to 16 bit mono PCM .wav, then sampled and saved as aty3dm5_wind_short).
File obtained from

-portal01.wav , id Software, Inc.


Base: New level from scratch.
Editor: Used:GtkRadiant-1.5.0 Apr 26 2007

Utilities: ArenaMaster, Pakscape, Q3Map2Toolz, Audacity
Known Bugs: None that I can find. :)

Distribution Permissions

This file may be electronically distributed only at
NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST
include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN
or Blue Ray disc.

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of
id Software, Inc.