- File Information --------------------------------------------------------- 06.04.2012 ---

Title : redq3dm5 - panopticon
Author : redfella
Email Address : **email removed**
Web Site : thefraglimit.wordpress
Releases : redq3dm1 - pacemaker
redq3dm2 - squared
redq3dm3 - hacks & lies
redq3dm4 - sedona
redq3dm5 - panopticon
redq3dm6 - tribute
redq3dm7 - graviton
Installation : Place redq3dm5.pk3 in your baseq3 directory. The map should now be
accessible via the Multiplayer menu or by typing "/map redq3dm5" in
the console (no quotes).
Acknowledgements : ydnar, rorscharch, id software and all the folks at LEM.

- Play Information -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Player Base : Free-For-All
Default Bots : Doom, Phobos, Wrack
Number of Players : 2-4
Item Load : SG, LG, RL, GL, RG, PG, YA, and RA

- Construction ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Base : New level from scratch
Theme : Rusty Browns, as it were.
Textures : rorscharch
Construction Time : way too long?
Prefabs Used : weapon stand
Editor(s) used : GtkRadiant 1.4

- Compilation ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Q3Map VIS Time : 15 Mins
Q3Map LIGHT Time : 45 Mins
Lighting Params : -light -fast -samples 3 -bounce 8 -patchshadows -super 2

- Copyright / Permissions ----------------------------------------------------------------

Authors May Not decompile the BSP as a base to build additional levels.. but may do so to
learn construction methods and technique, etc.
Authors may use the included custom textures & shaders, or modifications thereof, provided
they give note of such in an attached readme. Also be sure to use directories and filenames
different than those in redq3dm5.pk3, or else you run the risk of having both maps excluded
from pure servers.