Maximus Overdrive

Title: Maximus Overdrive
Filename: pasctf3.pk3
Author: EmeraldTiger
E-Mail: **email removed**
Description: A large space CTF map based off q3dm19 (Apocalypse Void)
Team Arena only.


How to Play:

After downloading, unzip the contents of the .zip file into your baseq3 or
missionpack folder.

Running Team Arena, start a server, then scroll through the list and
choose "Maximus Overdrive". Then run with the desired settings.


General Information:

Free For All: No
Tourney: No
Team Deathmatch: No
Capture The Flag: Yes
One Flag CTF: Yes
Harvester: Yes
Overload: Yes

Players: 4 - 8 (2 - 4 players per team)
Weapons: Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Gun, Railgun, BG10K,
Nailgun, Chaingun
Powerups / Items: Personal Teleporter, Invulnerability Sphere, Kamikaze,
Doubler, Scout, Guard, Ammo Regen
Size: Large
Type: Space
Skill Level: Advanced
Bot File: Yes, they`re great on defense, but offensive-wise, they fail
miserably. Better than nothing, right?

New Sounds: No
New Textures: Yes, modified ID textures
New Music: No


Build Information:

Base: Inspired by q3dm19 and mpteam6, made from scratch.
Editor Used: QuArK (Quake Army Knife) by Armin Rigo
Other Programs: GIMP (for custom textures)
Notepad (for readme)
PakScape (for .pk3 creation)

Bugs: Going through the portal in the red base that takes you to the
middle area sometimes takes you back to where you came
from. Also, going through the blue exit portal in the middle
area can cause you to be launched out at high speeds. I have
no clue as to how these bugs happen, and I thought I had the
first one fixed for sure. If you can find out why these bugs
happen I`d greatly appreciate it if you would e-mail me the
fixed map so I can update it.

Build Time: 2 - 3 months, not sure
Compiling Time: 5 - 6 hours

Fixes / Changes Since Last Version:
- Added an accelerator pad on the SG platform to provide another way to reach the flag.
- Added some health to the high platforms in middle area.
- Reduced RG to 5 slugs upon pickup, 15 second respawn time.
- Replaced RG ammo in bases with NG ammo.
- Removed NG ammo in middle area, moved CG ammo to corners of the main square platform.
- Added an extra section of platform to the CG area with a bounce pad leading to the flag.
- Clipped teleporters.
- Added a text decal displaying "Maximus Overdrive" adjacent to the SG platform in the bases.
- Added bot file


Comments, Tips, and Strategies:

This is my first released Quake 3 map, although I have performed some
experiments in the past. I`m quite pleased with the final results, even if
they aren`t perfect.

As mentioned before, this map is based off of q3dm19, "Apocalypse Void",
which was the last Quake 3 map in the single player ladder before facing
Xaero. The map`s distinctive features were vertically moving platforms, and
all the stationary platforms (with the exception of one) were bound by long
yellow plyons, dotted with flashing lights. This design style was transferred
over to Maximus Overdrive, and it looks almost the same, not exactly
though. There`s also some mpteam6 influence in here, which is noted by
the use of vortex portals.

For offense, Guard is a must to protect against snipers, but Scout is also
good for charging across the lowest platform. When riding the moving
platforms you should watch out for enemies trying to attack you from afar.
You may be able to take them out while traveling though, as the platforms
move slowly. When grabbing the flag, don`t take the accelerator pad - hop
down from the flag platform onto the lower walkway. It`s faster and safer.
If defense makes the mistake of crowding together in a tight radius, use the
kamikaze as a means of punishment.

For defense, someone should camp on the chaingun platform and watch
for people entering the base. They can try to take them down from up
there, and if the enemy manages to grab the flag, the defender(s) can
hop down and pursue the carrier before they can escape. On the flag
platform, you can have another person with a rocket launcher attempt
to gun down anybody who reaches the top. More adventerous defenders
may want to travel to the neutral area and grab a railgun, then come back
to base and camp on the nailgun platform (with ammo regen)

There`s a BG10K hidden in an isolated part of the map. It can be reached
by acquring and activating the personal teleporter. It is left as an exercise
to the reader to find out how to obtain the teleporter.


Thanks To:

My family, for always being there for me, both through the good times and bad times.
Let us always be together.

id software for Quake.

Armin Rigo for QuArK, and DanielPharos / cdunde for helping to maintain and update it.
Also thanks to DanielPharos for sending me a working bot file after much strife in getting
it to work.

All the beta testers who responded and gave helpful advice towards making the map


Legal Notice:

Maximus Overdrive by EmeraldTiger, Copyright 2010. All rights reserved.

Quake III Arena and Quake III: Team Arena are registered trademarks of id software inc.
All rights reserved.

By downloading and installing the map, or by playing this map, you agree to the following
terms and conditions:

1. That the user may download and use this map for the sole purpose
of entertainment, with no cost or special permissions.

2. That the user may electronically distribute this map through the World Wide
Web, through a map download and review service, so as long as the map is
distributed freely at no cost to the downloader, and that all contents of this
package, or "zip", file, are left unmodified, including this readme file.

3. That the user may save this map file onto an electronic storage device, which
includes, but is not limited to: CD-ROMs, flash drives, and floppy disks, so as
long as the user does not attempt to give such a device away to any people
they do not know or trust, regardless of whether or not it is being distributed
for profit.

4. That if the user wishes to officially distribute this map file to the public, that
permission is obtained from the author (EmeraldTiger) prior to it`s distribution,
and that proper credit is put in place, such as placing the author name in the
title of the map.

5. That the user may not disassemble, reverse engineer, decompile, modify, or
alter the files, then distribute it either electronically or physically. This includes
the map file, textures, sounds, music, and shaders, should any be included
with this package.

You acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms and conditions that have
been presented before you, and that by downloading and installing this map onto your
computer, that you are to agree to these terms and conditions. If any breach is made in
this agreement, you will no longer have the right to download or play this map.