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=========================================================================================== TABD2MAP01 Return to the Entryway by Tabun 2009-09-06 =========================================================================================== Title : Return to the Entryway Filename : tabd2map01.pk3 Author : Asmodai Tabun Email Address : **email removed** Web Sites : http://www.tabun.nl http://www.wireheadstudios.org - Play Information ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Player Base : Designed for FFA, and tourney (but see note). Note : This is a rather strict remake of Doom II's Map01. That pretty much means that the layout.. well.. sucks, for deathmatch. The map is, and is supposed to be, mainly material for nostalgia-gaming. It is most enjoyably played with the Generations Arena mod (http://www.wireheadstudios.org)) which recreates a mix of old-school id gameplay in the Quake 3 environment. Versions : - TABD2MAP01 Custom item layout for normal Quake 3 Arena Items: 2x RL, 2x SG, GL, PG, LG, 2x YA, RA, Haste/Regen teamed - TABD2MAP01_PURE Purist item layout for original Doom II DM Items: 2x BFG, SG, RL, PG, YA -- Generations Arena-only: Chainsaw (MG) & Boomstick - Construction --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brushes : ~3800 Average R_Speeds : ~6000 world, w/ entities, no players Worst Case R_Speeds : ~8500 world, w/ entities, no players Editor(s) used : GTKRadiant 1.5, Photoshop - Thanks --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many thanks to: - The authors of third party textures (see below) who allow free use of their work. - The people at Wirehead Studios who helped with testing and feedback - Esp. to Phoenix, for is extensive comments an ideas. - All those people who took the time to write elaborate mapping tutorials (and managed to keep them online long after Q3A lost its popularity). - Textures used -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Third party : - Lunaran's textures: - nubiansky2 skybox (slightly adjusted shader) - computers, tech-stuff (mksteel) (tabd2map01_lun) - a few other textures from lun3dm4 (tabd2map01_lun3dm4) - http://www.obsidiandawn.com (some plants) - tekwall from doom high-res texture remakes All other textures I've made myself (or composed myself from license-free materials, such as from http://cgtextures.com). None of _those_ textures may to be modified without my explicit permission. They may however be freely used for mapping purposes (as-is). Give full credit where due. - Copyright / Permissions ---------------------------------------------------------------- * You MAY: - Distribute this pak file and/or its contents by any electronic means, provided you leave the contents unaltered and include this text file, also unaltered. * You MAY NOT: - Decompile or reproduce the BSP as a base to build additional levels. Make your own damned maps. (But not necessarily your own damn text-files ;)) - Commercially exploit these files or their contents in any way.
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