======COBRA CTF1======
by Ben Redmond (A.k.a Bek*{COBRA}*)

Stop by Cobra servers on 1.30 Quake 3 Arena:

Noghost CTF:

And M'Lady/Cannon's NZ servers:



Just copy cobractf1.pk3 to your baseq3 folder, then play!


This map proudly made with QuArK! Released 31/12/08. Roughly 2037 brushes, just in case you were interested ;)


Me: **email removed** (xfire) bekohmsford
*{COBRA}* Clan:

Thanks to Chris "Mr.LyCon" B Jensen (aka Con Artist) for his Neotech texture set, which is breifly featured in this level. (htt://

Thanks to Samael The Deceiver for his awesome Cobra texture.

Also thanks to Amethyst7 for the awesome skybox :D

And a special thanks to all the people who helped me finish this level:

M'Lady and Cannon for helping me beta test this thing, and even hosting early versions of it on their server for me :)

-uE'Cheezmo' for helping me improve the map for railjumps and taking the time and effort to help a complete stranger out :D

The Cobra Clan: For de-noobifying me and making Quake a game still worth playing.

And of course the QuArK team and community at for mostly making QuArK, and also for putting up with my n00b questions :D

Without all your help, I would have given up on this level long ago. Now stop reading this thing and play some Quake!