Soap on a Rope
Title Soap on a Rope
Version 1.0
Author Chad "cuirass" Berger
Email **email removed**
IRC cuirass on quakenet


Gametype the flag modes
Players 4v4, 5v5, more?


Thanks to
id Software for Quake III Arena
the promode team for CPMA for GTKRadiant
Rich Jacques for inspiring me through his work
Kevin Johnstone for the vendetta and singlemalt textures
Simon O'Callaghan for the rock textures
Lloyd Morris for the grass texture
Yves Allaire for the team banners
Matt Breit for the jump pad textures
Jesse Amundsen for turning the id water brown like quake water should be
Amethyst for the environment box

Lots of help, testing and encouragement from:

and everyone else at: forums

and YOU for playing it!