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Projectile Vomiting
Geocomp 4 entry from StjartMunnen bsp: gc4dm1 Mapname: Projectile Vomiting Constructiontime: 4 Days Players: 2-5 Gametype: FFA Textures: by me, Lunaran and Quaker X. Skybox by Kell Thanks to those who had nice things to say about the map. Also to Infernis for making GC4 happen. Lunaran, Quaker X and Kell. and Id of course... Because this is a geocomp map, I was aiming for good looks rather then great gameplay. Even though gameplay is limited you will get used to the narrow platforms after a couple of rounds...I promise ;) . legal stuff: You can use the map as a base for your own stuff as long as you give me credit :) . Hope you like it! Henke "Stjartmunnen" Bjork (**email removed**)
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