Steep Learning Curve
"Steep Learning Curve" - For Quake III Arena (Tourney / Deathmatch)
by Ian "Foralarx" Wilson
Address: **email removed**
Title: Steep Learning Curve

Description: My first attempt at building a map. The whole premise of this map originally
was to see if a) I could actually do it and b) to build a map we could play at work as
one of those .. someone here built this map.
Additional Credits:

Thanks to:

My youngest daughter "Bronach", for her excitment and golden eyed wonder everytime
I show her something new in the map and my eldest daughter "Kerry" for her
"it's alright" feedback. :)

Foo, Fjoggs, Anwulf, Sumatra, Surgeon62 & Axbaby
for their feedback and design suggestions.
and the Q3W forums members for the encouragement.

Mo "Mojo" Bhatti, for his support at work and his genuine interest in everything.
The rest of the guys at work .... it's time to get it on!!!

Acknowledgement of the tutorials I've used:-
Bubba for his excellent tutorials:-
Donkey also for his excellent tutorials:-

Aknowledgements for the content I have used in this map:-


Evil Lair for the models:- Evil's Teleporter.
Alphawolf for the Flame model.
Oak Shiro for the models:-
Celtic Cross, Roman Armour, Skeleton Cage, Impaled Skeleton
Flame Holder.
Gollum for his Skeleton model pack.
Cyber for his Skeleton model pack.
Ophelia for the Angel model.
The Con Artist for the Chandlier model and the "unreleased ID model" pack.
Natestar and Oak for the plant and rocks model pack.
Oak for the Xaero Statue.

All models downloaded from:-
Evil Liars Site:-
Bill Brooks Site:-


Kilt for the following textures from "kilt_texpack03" and "kilt_texpack03a":-
kilt_bloodywall2_brdr, kilt_drkr_brk1, kilt_marbtile
Mr.Clean for the sand02 and bloody_sand textures.

The various authors that contributed to the
"map center" ( packs as follows:-

Aljerara for the textures: oldspain_door, old_spain_trim2, oldspain_win3.
Eskimo_Roll for the texture: er_terra.
Cardigan for the texture: card_tile_rof1.
The_Cray for the texture: cray_rock.

Sock for the most excent desert skybox.

If I've missed you I sincerely apologise, it was entirely unintentional I can assure you.
Map Instructions:

Unzip map_dm-foradm1.pk3 into your Quake3/baseq3/directory.
Launch game and go into the skirmish option and scan for levelshot or load up your favourite
flavour in the multiplayer screen and frag till hearts content :)
Base: New level from scratch.
Editor Used: GTKRadiant 1.4, Q3Map2Toolz
Known Bugs: Erm.....
Copyright and Permissions:

Please feel free to pilage and plunder as you see fit, just and long as you
give me the credit for what ever you use it for. That's all I ask!

(c) Copyright 2006 Ian Wilson