Between Darkness & Light



Id Software
Kenneth Scott

---Custom Skin Necroscope---
ras2cas (Very nice indeed)12:56 PM Wedsnday, October 27, 2004

---Map Information---

Level Title: Between Darkness & Light
File Name: mjkq3adm4.bsp/pk3
Author: ShadowZombie
Real Me: Michael J Klocke
E-Mail: **email removed**
File Size: 6.58 Mega-dollars
Previous Maps:

---Map Description---

This map is based upon Id Softwares Team Areana(c) House of Decay tourney level but
What got me building it was downloading the dc_map pack and playing Blue Monday.
I have already recreated another map (q3tourney5) mjkq3adm3 Knightmare Keep.It has
been fun recreating these maps only for the fact that there are things that I
wanted to see in them and having this ability to do so has been fun as hell.
I am very pleased with the out-come of "Between Darkness & Light" It plays great
and with the newly tapped possibilities of bot editing on my part (Thankx Kell) It has been
customized just for the likings for the layout and runs hard as hell.I hope you enjoy
playing my map as well as I had the fun of building it.

C-ya In The Next Arena

---Map Construction---

Base Foundation: From Scratch
Editor Used: Q3radiant Build Version (202)
Compiler: Q3map2toolz By Hro
Q3map: Q3map2 by Ydnar
Bot Editing: Bot Studio 0.98 beta by doktor

---Map Playability---

Player Load: 1-8
---Free for All---
Weapon Load:
---Plasma Gun---
---Grenade Launcher---

---Custom Sounds,Textures,and Models in the Level---

Custom Texture set:
---E7 Texture Set--- by Yves "evillair" Allaire
---E8 Texture set--- by Yves "evillair" Allaire
These are two very cool texture sets and I know I will use them again in one of my future
maps.Great job evillair.

Custom Edited Textures:
These Textures were edited by Kell for the making of my map and were modified with
permission from Yves "evillair" Allaire. Thanks kell you did a hell of a job.
So as a final note to this construction.The original author (EvilLair) is credited
for the work, and Kell for his excellent touch up on them.This is truly one of the
reasons I love this stuff.Eveything just kicks plain good ass.

Custom Sky Box: By Kell
Custom White Flame: By Anwulf/Original flame texture by Id Software
Anwulfs map:gr_arena110

---Custom Map Models---

Map models Dissonance: By Barry Collins
Map Objects ca_recreation_pack: By Mr.LYCon
Map Models bfp_chainlinks: There was no author upon searching.Who ever you are
you did a good job, and I wish I knew who you were.Thank you.

---Custom Sounds---

---Beta Testers---

---Thanks goes too---
Id Software
Map-Center and the great Forums.
Thankx a bunch Astro :)
..::lvl Q3Aedition This is where my mapping started.Thankx Tigger and Mandog.

---Legal Stuff---

You may (NOT) use my map as a foundation to build another
You may distribute my map as long as this read-me text is included and unaltered
All the Custom textures and Models used in this map remain sole property of the
authors in which they were created.

---Special thanks---
A big thank you to Kell for my map catching you're eye into starting the chain of events.
And eveyone that followed into the completion of this map.

---Very Special Thankx---
My lovely Fiance who stood by my long editing hours and has some what of an intrest in
this. I love you Angel.Thank you for everything baby.

Thank you everyone...

16th March 2001

by ras2cas

Email: **email removed**


INSTALLATION: Simply unzip the files into your
============= QUAKE III ARENA\baseq3 folder.
To use, simply select from either the player or bot in-game menus.

Accessory: "Necroscope" skin for the Q3A Uriel model

Author: ras2cas

Files in zip: skin-uriel-necroscope.pk3 and skin-uriel-necroscope.txt

Bot support: Uses default Uriel bot AI

Team skins: No

Textures used: Originally based on the Zael skin, though there's nothing left of that now. Body shader uses a modified Q3A liquid texture, pool3d_3e.jpg.
Quake3 logo by id.

Tools used: PaintShop Pro 7 by JASC software
PakScape v0.11 by Peter Engstrom
Q3a Shader Editor (q3ase) v0.8 by Bert"Rat"Peers
QView by ColdDream software

Additional credits to: id software

This is "Necrscope", the second version of my Necro series for the Uriel model. Along with "Necromage" this is basically my second skin. Necroscope's the pretty-boy of the two :0)
I give credit to the author of the Zael skin as there's certainly some influence in there.

Elite Imperial guard of the Necroash warrior caste, Necroscope
combines fierce loyalty and clinical efficiency in the defence of his Emperor. Lost without his charge in the Arena, he wanders aimlessly; his sole solice the ruthless dismemberment of any who rise against him.

This material is not to be distributed for financial gain. It is not to be passed off as your own or another's work, nor modified without due credit given to the original author.

QUAKE(R), QUAKE II(R), & QUAKEIII:ARENA(R) are registered trademarks of id Software, Inc.