release date: 4th of Feb 2005.
Quake3Arena DM/Tourney level.

title: wolfenwinter
file: wolfenwinter.pk3
author: ROODOG
email address: **email removed**
URL: www.arach.net.au/~.../quake3maps.htm
description: Medium ffa/tourney map.

play information
deathmatch: Medium/ DM about 5
Tourney: Yes well suited for 1 on 1
team deathmatch: no
CTF: no
Bot File (aas): yes
other: no
new sounds: yes
custom textures: yes
new music: no

how to play: place wolfenwinter.pk3 in your /baseq3/ folder
start quake3arena and pick from maps or
hit ~
type \map wolfenwinter
once the map loads use q3 menu to add bots
just hit esc and your q3 menu will show up.
info:This map takes place in an old ww2 fortress tucked away high
in the mountains.The arena lords are now in control of the fortress
where battles to the death are staged on a regular basis.Your mission
if you dare to accept it is to kill all intruders and claim your
rightful place as one wicked mofo.Grab the bfg if you can an unleash
the mighty blue haze upon your enemies.Most of all just have a bit of
fun while your still breathing!A bot file is included but i had to
ban them from the bfg as they commit mass suicide there lol.Don't forget
to bring warm clothes and some ice skates as it's been snowing of late
and fraggers pond has frozen over.cya


base: none
editor: Gtk Radiant 1.40
other progs: Quake3 toolkit
All ToolKit programming was done by Jerry 'Eraser' Laman
Random Team Generator by Remco 'SithLord' Mooijweer.
Additional Programming by Rick 'r3tina' Laman
Quake Toolkit was made using Borland Delphi 4/5.
know bugs: none known
build time: 1 week approx

Thanks to the following
Much thanks to dONKEY from map-center.com who was kind enough to give me
his falling snow shader which he modified from pjw's rain shader and in
turn i modified to change the way the snow fell to suit wolfenwinter.
The skybox was made by Kell Email: **email removed** and his
website is at kell.spawnpoint.org/ so pay him a visit as he is
a talented bloke.
The Oak-tree Mapmodel is by
(c)GrimReaper so thanks m8 as very good job!

Distribution / Copyright / Permissions
Please respect the work i put into my map
and don't modify in any way.
Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of
id Software, Inc.

This level may be electronically distributed only at
NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST
include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN