Maze3 By Nickliff

I had the idea of making single player levels,where the player would have to find his way through a series of traps,dead-ends and stuff like that.

This third map is, I think the most balanced of the three.It is frustrating but not as much as Maze2 and quite easy but not as easy as Maze1! ;) 1 or 2 of the traps are quite confusing,but I quite like them that way.

Installation:Just put the map-maze3.pk3 file in your Quake III Arena/baseq3 folder.When you run Quake 3,the maze should be in the map select screen after Quake's own levels.Just start a multiplayer game with no bots(there is no bot support,doesn't need one),and select the maze.

Just see how many times you will die before you reach the end!And if you want send me your 'score'.I am just curious.Hehe

Maze4 will be ready when it will be ready. :p

You have been warned!

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