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================================================================ Title : Gothic_Block! Date : 2nd January 2004 Filename : map_cpmctf2.pk3 Author : Chriz "www.ninemil.com" Pollard Email Address : **email removed** Website : www.ninemil.com Description : Quake III Arena level designed for CPM Capture the Flag ~~ OPTIMISED FOR CHALLENGE PROMODE ~~ ~ www.promode.org ~ ================================================================ - Play Information - : Make sure you have Quake III point release 1.32 or later. : Ensure you have CPMA version 1.2 or later : Extract map_cpmctf2.pk3 from the zip into quake3/baseq3 folder. : EITHER Use All Seeing Eye to find a dedicated server running : the map or play bots. /map cpmctf2 - Level Information - Game type : ctf Single Player : Yes Player load : 4v4, 5v5 (crowded) Weapons : All bar Grenade Launcher New Sounds : Yes New Graphics : Yes (Textures creditted below) New Models : No - Construction - Editors used : GtkRadiant v1.4.0-rc1 Utilities used : Q3Map2 - Notes - This map is optimised for CPMA CTF. Bot play is superb, with nice variation in routing and team tactics; they even use and camp the plats in midfield. Would suggest bot_challenge 1 and skill 100 for anyone *really* wanting to push their running skills... This is only my second map to date, so to have it accepted into the exceedingly exclusive, quality dependant CPM family is both extremely satisfying from a personal point of view, and greatly rewarding in terms of the effort and time put in. However, credit is far from mine alone, so many thanks to the following for all their advice, support, and content along the way: - Credits - : id Software for Quake/Quake2/Quake3. : Swelt, arQon and ix for quality feedback, advice and jack daniels \0/ : Stallone and Drexciyian for hosting various beta builds. : newborn for his amazing cpmlogo work. : all in #cpmpickup for their long hours (45+ games!) of beta testing, especially; minky aggnog Cel embroglio QuiXilver 2bad ag3nt fac marC snapcase peZ reb spf soixante keeb vinter w0w zeki xone ...and everyone else I've missed. : All on the CPM Mapping Forum for feedback www.challenge...orums.cgi?forum=2 : Threewave Software Inc, esp Casey for use of various Legend textures www.threewave.com : The missus for not nagging during the 40 hour build time ;) - Links - CPMA Homepage www.promode.org Author's homepage www.ninemil.com - Copyright / Permissions - You may not include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial product without permission from the author. You may not mass distribute this level via any non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks without permission from the author. gg thx bye. ~~ PLAY MORE PROMODE! ~~
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