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Lust Spite & Malice
========================================================================= Title : Lust Spite & Malice Filename : rmtdm7.bsp Author : Richard Tompkins Email : **email removed** Date : Dec 2003 Other maps by me : rtctf1 ; rtctf2 ; rtctf3 ; rtctf1ver2 (Quake2) : rmtdm1 rmtdm2 rmtdm3 rmtdm4 rmtdm5 (Quake3 ========================================================================= ========================================================================= Play Info :FFA 2-4 players :Tourney Extract the rmtdm7.pk3 to your baseq3 folder The map should appear in the skirmish/multiplayer menus ========================================================================= Tools : GTK Radiant ========================================================================= Thanks :Id software; Quake3world Forums Mapobjects GR_Trees:Krischan Makowka (aka GrimReaper) **email removed** TS-Torch01:Michel "The-Shadow-TS" Duhaime **email removed** Pentagrams:Unknown ID Recreations qkennyq.digitalarenas.com SKybox:Mighty Pete www.geocities.com/petes-oasis/ ========================================================================= Copyright / Permissions Its mine.
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