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Vexar's Level Pak 1
================================================================ Title : Vexar's Level Pak 1 Date : 12/18/99 Filename : vexar.pk3 Author : Victor Mercieca Email Address : **email removed** Description : Three Levels Waterhole, Redemption, and Piston. : : Additional Credits to : Alex Mayberry, and American for pointers, and some good idea's. : ================================================================ - Play Information - Players : All levels are 2-6 players. Bots : Yes. Weapons : Look at the icons when the level loads. : Armor : Sure everyone needs armor. Ammo : No ammo, who would create a level without ammo? Health : Wouldn't be right not to have health. Put the vexar.pk3 file into your baseq3 directory, and type "map piston, map redemption, map waterhole" at the console. - Construction - Base : All levels from scratch Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant Known Bugs : None. Build Time : To many to remember, but I would say around a week per level Textures used : Don't remember, but all levels need more textures. Compile machine : P3/500 with 256megs running Windows 98' q3map BSP Time : < 1 minutes per level q3map Vis Time : around 20 to 60 minutes per level q3map Light Time : a few hours per level bspc Time : a few minutes Brushes : Piston ??? ;Waterhole ???;Remption ???; Entities : Piston ??? ;Waterhole ???;Remption ???; - Copyright / Permissions - The Vexar Level Pak is (c) 1999 Victor Mercieca. All rights reserved. You should not include or distribute this map pak in any sort of commercial product without permission from the author Victor Mercieca. You may not mass distribute this level pak via any non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks.
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