Title: chartres
BSP name: chartres.bsp
Author: Chris "QkennyQ" Niell
Release date: October 8, 2001
Email address: **email removed**
Home page:
Game: Quake 3 Arena Tourney/FFA
File size: chartres.pk3 10.6MB

Description: A cathedral map based on Chartres. This construction shows
blatant disregard for anything even remotely associated with standard mapping principles. If you are looking for a exciting fast paced
DM ,..move along! :) This was done out of love for the architecture involed and should be viewed as such.(2 players).

Thanks to: ttimo and crew for all the effort with Radiant
id for the quake series.

everyone at quake3world for the
tireless support during an insanely
long development

Allison Stone, for her wonderful resources
Dr. Jeffery Howe, for all the research, and resources.

Credits: Evil Lair, for the excellent wall portal

Previous work : cnid2


* MAP Information *

New textures: yes
New sounds: None
New models: yes, md3 included enjoy!


* gameplay *

general: this was NOT constructed to be a deathmatch level,
it was constructed to see if it could be done.
Gameplay is sluggish at best, but multplayer support is provided
I would suggest LAN play against a real player, bots are
not very good at navigating this map.
weapons: 2 rail guns

bots : not very good :(


* Construction *

Base: From scratch
Const. time: eons, couldn't begin to guess really. It began development 11 months ago.
Compile machine: 1ghz PIII, 512mb RAM
Compile time: roughly 18 hours fullvis, light -patchshadows, optimized aas.
Editor used: hmmmm,,,rad192, rad 197, rad 201, rad 202, GtkRadiant v1.1 TA "I'm sure I missed some. :)
Other programs: Q3 Map Explorer v1.3
Known Bugs: None known.


* Distribution / Copyright / Permissions *

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.
Any commercial use without permission is prohibited.
Authors MAY NOT decompile the BSP as a base to build additional levels.