Malthusian Temple
05 February 2000
Release: 1

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This is a user created map for Quake 3.
Quake is a product of id software. All rights reserved.
This file (eq3dm1.txt) is part of the 'eq3dm1.pk3' distribution.
The contents of eq3dm1.pk3 are:
eq3dm1.bsp, eq3dm1.aas, eq3dm1.shader, eq3dm1.arena, eq3dm1.txt, eq3dm1.dm3 and eq3dm1.tga
If you do not have all these files in eq3dm1.pk3 (zip) then either download
the file again from "" or e-mail me at
"**email removed**".

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| |
| Malthusian Temple |

Malthu'sian (--zi-)
a. following the teaching of Malthus.
n. one who holds that some check is necessary to prevent over-population.

Map name: Malthusian Temple
File name: eq3dm1
Author: Martin (Equim) Alderson
E-mail: **email removed**
Devlopment time: approx. 5 weeks on and off
Compile time: approx. 35 mins
Ideal players: 2-6
Gametype: Designed for deathmatch (against players or bots) but may work
well in other modes.
Weapons: 1 Rocket Launcher, 1 Rail Gun and 2 Plasma Guns
Powerups: 1 Megahealth and 1 Haste
Map style: Gothic
Description: This is my first Q3 map and also my first experience with
Q3Radiant. It is designed mostly as a Quake 1 style map with
a more claustrophobic setting than most other Quake 3 maps.
Credits: Ctrl.Del(Sugar Monk), Paul Jacquays and everyone else at
Q3World forums. id Software, Mr Elusive and Robert Duffy for
bringing us the great programs without which there wouldn't
even be a quake community. Myk, who introduced me to Quake for
the first time and has given me many ideas from his
inspirational level design. My friends at uni for not letting
me wander too far into the dark side :) ... YOU, AT THE BACK,


Extract the file eq3dm1.pk3 from this zip file ( into the 'baseq3'
folder off your Quake 3 folder e.g. if you installed Quake 3 to 'C:\Quake3'
then extract to 'C:\Quake3\baseq3'.
Run the game and start a skirmish from the menu selecting eq3dm1 from the
end of the map selection screen.

NOTE: I have included a small demo of me and three hardcore bots on this map.
To watch it go to the 'demos' menu and select 'eq3dm1'