Chilli Pepper's Marble Palace!
reptctf3: Chilli Pepper's Marble Palace!



This is a CTF map ONLY. Four team_ctf and six respawn positions for

each team. Also there is a player_start position somewhere. The map

will appear in your skirmish menu in the CTF category. If it doesn't,

you can always scream! Or, you can pull down the console by

using the ~ key, and type:/g_gametype 4, press enter, and then

type:/map reptctf3, then press enter again, and voila!

So far i am influenced from the "q3ctf1" and from Infern0's "jtnctf1",

"Mayhem At The Base", as for the layout. I always use the same weapons

you 'll find here, because i only play with bots (never been on the

web) and these are: Daemia and Sarge prefer the SG, Grunt and Keel

prefer the RG, and Major, Visor and myself the RL. I always use

the PG and sometimes you 'll find the BFG. As for the construction,

i only built as far as the map can play fast and furious on my tired

Cel466 and Voodoo3. My focus is on frantic gameplay.


Oh, boy! (Too many folders, now i rarely use more than one in the

.pk3). Lets see: the texture vr__brickfloor i got it from an egyptian

map called "kmldm3", Temple of Doom, made by Kevin Lockitt. He doesn't

really explain if he made this beautiful texture. In the folder

reptctf3 there are six textures from the game Return To Castle

Wolfenstein and seven from the game Shadow Man. Three textures from

Subverse in the folder sub_ground. Two from Paul Bourke in the folder

var_paulbou. One from Evil Lair (from the texpack evil_5) in the folder

var_shaded. Three from Pete "Meat" Parisi (textures stwal_13 in the

folder t_walls, ststo_20 and 21 in the folder t_stone and two marble

textures from Lloyd Morris (textures ststo_10 and 11) in the same

folder. For he rest of the textures i can't really tell who made them,

some are idsoftware. If you recognise any textures that belong to you,

my apologies, for i don't have your name to give. I don't take credit

for any of them.

The skullcam.md3 and the textures and shader that go with it, all

belong to Hoplit. The pj_lamp.md3 is of course idsoftware but wasn't

released, the work here belongs to Chris "Mr LyCon" B Jensen,

aka the Con Artist.


Hoplit **email removed**, download from FPS (see below).
Evil Lair
Mr LyCon
Meat also
Paul Bourke
Lloyd Morris **email removed**
Kevin Lockitt **email removed** and
for RTCW
for Shadow Man


1) for the funniest, mother-friggin' game

of the millenia. Well, i can't thankyou enough for the Q3Radiant 202!

2) Bill Brooks (all the tutorials and mapobjects you can eat at Fast local downloads!

3) The BigHouse (, all the textures

for Q3A you can eat...

4) Sean Walton, the "Catalyst", for being my mapper hero.

5) To all the guys out there who produce and host Q3A stuff.

6) Thankyou ma!


Darn tootin' i will follow you around, Daemia!


My name is Jimmy, i am a 35yo musician from Athens, Greece.

Likes: WWII airplanes, european football, women, whiskey (with ice tea

on the side), playing music and writing songs. Dislikes: mean and

stupid, greedy and that little fascistic pig that everybody has in em.

I chose the name Firethrottle not because i'm bad, but because it is

the parameter that defines how fast a bot fires its gun in Q3A. As a

player i go by the name Reptile, hence the "reptctf-something". I'm a

textureholic and a CTF freak. If you like this map and you want to make

some changes, email me at: **email removed** and i'll send you the

.map file, hoping you 'll be decent about it.