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____________________________________ Title : Leaks2 Game : Quake 3 DM Author : Speedy **email removed** www.planetquake.com/speedy (www.cr8.da.ru) icq 68154481 Files : map-leaks2.pk3 ____________________________________ Description / Play Information Fast compact deathmatch map for 3 ffa/1-1, based on my q1 map. Bots play pretty good. Uses new textures set. Textures: all made by myself (aka Speedy) (except ground and teleport) Skybox: 'elbrus' also by me. ____________________________________ Instructions / INSTALLATION Unzip .pk3 to quake3/baseq3/ directory To start, in quake`s console type: map leaks2 or start it from menu ___________________________________ Testing/Help ____________________________________ Soft Used bred2 mapcon q3r GtkRadiant BSP map editor by Yahn W. Bernier q3map2 bspc TexMex by Mickey PS by someone Win.com by Bill G8s' gimps ____________________________________ -- Copyright / Permissions -- NON-commercial use only (for this pak as a whole and any of its parts - textures, skybox etc.). In other case you have to obtain my permission. If you want to use any of these in your game (free or commercial) - contact me first If you use anything - give me credit. You MAY distribute this file through any electronic network (internet, local BBS etc.), provided you include txt and all files unmodified and leave the zip archive intact. _______ no funny shit ;/
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