AEon's Timeless
by AEon
Title : AEon's Timeless
Filename : map-AEtime.pk3
Map : aetime.bsp
Version : 05/05/2003 (r95)

Author : Christoph A. Loewe (AEon)
Email Address : **email removed**
Website :

Description : Q3A - Sunny FFA/Team map in futuristic style

Panoramic view from ledges, central double cross
structure, Railgun Tower, Acelleration Pad double
tube, transparent floors.

Initially this map was intended for instagib play,
but it turned out to work so well for fast and
furious classic deathmatch games, that I added more
of the non-instant hit weapons like GL and Plasma.
Playing 7 bots on hardcore is a blast :).

Other Levels by Author : AEcyrena, AEshake2 both for Quake II.
AEcantow, AEcthdrl, AEcube for Half-Life.
AEarena, AEsculpt, AEarcs, AEdm17, AEcap,
AEpyra for Q3A.
See under "maps".


* Instructions *

1) Extract map-aetime.pk3 into your Quake3/baseq3/ directory
2) Start Quake3
3) Map will be accessable from the menu

* Play Information *

Settings : Deathmatch (FFA, Team)
Bot Support : Bots are fully supported
Level Name : AEtime
Single Player : Bots (7 bots recommended)
Deathmatch Player : yes (10 respawn points)
Difficulty Settings : Bots again

* Construction *

Base : From scratch

Editor used : GtkRadiant 1.2.11

Map compiler used : q3map2 2.5.3

Build time : April 23rd to May 5th 2003
One week shot placing hint brushes - sigh.

Map build system : P4 2.54GHz w/1 GB
WinXP & r300 128MB (Wheee :)

Compile Time : 0:11 hours (full vis),
0:38 hours (light -light -fast -patchshadows -super 2
-filter -bounce 8)

New Textures : Futuristic style textures are from Evil Lair's Q3A
texture set 8 (Author: Yves 'Evil Lair' Allaire,

The wonderful skybox textures (Deception Pass) are
from Mighty Pete's sites:
Be sure to check out his other cool env maps there.
Note: The provided original high quality .jpg files
needed to be re-saved at 60% quality to reduce size.

New Shader : Made sfx/proto_zzztblu3 less agressive, made
e8minitrimlight brighter and added my skybox code.
Concatination of the shaders I needed from the Evil
Lair 8 set.

New Sounds : none

Known Bugs : Alas the main structures corner texture would not
properly align. No biggie though.

* Credits *

Thanx to id Software, for Quake III Arena.

Thanx to Evil Lair, and Mighty Pete for providing the great textures and
environment map textures. Without these dedicated folks this map would look
very plain indeed.

Thanx to the folks at the Level Editing forums,
and especially ydnar for his help and great work on q3map2. Without them
this map would run a lot slower.

Also thanx to the folks from Madherosquad for their moral support and feedback
testing this map: mHs|Sunrise, mHs|Sh4gr4th and mHs|T3rror.

* Legal Stuff *

This level is (C) 2003 Christoph A. Loewe (AEon).
You are not to include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial
product without first obtaining permission from the author. You may not mass
distribute this level via any non-electronic means, including but not limited
to compact disks, DVDs and floppy disks.

* Where to get more of the author's maps *
... and mirror sites.