Guts and Glory

===== Guts and Glory =====


===== by Wilhelm Hell =====


FFA, Tourney

2-4 players.

Default bots: Cadavre and Major

Made with: - GtkRadiant 1.2.9 for .map
- Q3Build for .bsp and .aas
- ArenaMaster for .arena

Thanks to: - 3DBuzz for the Gtk VTM
- The creators of the software I used
- id Software, for a great game

My second map. Hope you like it. It's "gothic functionalism". Less eyecandy, more gameplay - hopefully.
Your framerate might drop a little with botplay here and there, because the central area is a tad too brush heavy.
Splash damage will pass between the stairsteps, and so will projectiles if you're lucky or good.

You may redistribute this q3a map, q3whdm2, "Guts and Glory", as much as, and in any way you like, but not if you sell it, and not without this readme attached.

My e-mail: **email removed**