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Inner Sanctum
by kat
* Map and General Information * Information ================================================================ Title : Midnight Date : 31st Dec 02 PK3 file : map-katdm3.pk3 Filename : katdm3.bsp Author : Ken 'kat' Beyer Email Address : **email removed** (subject 'maps') Website : www.quake3bits.co.uk Forum : www.cpdt.com/forum Description : : Additional Credits : ID Software for allowing us to do what we do to the game! : Map testers - EMSIPE, QkennyQ, Eskimo Roll : guys @ Q3W-LE (not in order of appearence..!) : ButterB, Unitool, Castle, wviperw, arshishb, krekits, (not forgetting...) pjw, cavefish, rrroooaaarrr, Whiskey7, Muttly, and anybody else I've fogotten to mention...! : torch model by ken 'kat' beyer : 'Oak' Trees by GrimReaper : ....anybody else I've forgotten to mention..! ================================================================ Play Information Game type : Undecided as of now..! Players : 4 players (recommended) Bots : Yes. (aas included - 'optimized') Weapons : RocketLauncher, PlasmaGun, ShotGun, Granade Launcher Power Ups : Quad, Invisibility, Mega Health Remove the previous beta if you installed it. Unzip the the zip file 'map-katdm3.zip' into your quake3/baseq3 directory or copy/paste/move 'map-katdm5.pk3' from WinZip into the baseq3 folder. Start Quake3Arena or Team Arena, click 'Skermish/Start Server' and either select 'katdm5' from your map list or press 'tilde' (USA) or the key above the 'tab' key (UK) to enter the console and type: "/map katdm3" ================================================================ Construction Base : nothing Editor(s) used : GTKRadiant 1.1TAbeta, GTK 1.1.1 (BobsToolz), Q3ME (front end compiler) Known Bugs : Haven't discovered any yet but let me know if you do..! Build Time : well over 12 months Textures used : Custom : Sound : n/a Compile machine : Athlon 1.2 : 768megs RAM, Gforce2 MX 32MB q3map compile Time : TOTAL - 1hr mins Brushes : Entities : =============================================================== Distribution / Copyright / Permissions Feel free to distribute the files AS IS. All I ask is you give credit where it's due! Do not edit this text file under pain of a good spanking..!. Copyright 2002 Ken Beyer (**email removed** - subject 'maps') Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.
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