Stauf’s Last Stand
Retinal Regeneration Project
“Observe the possibilities, of what low vision can achieve.”

Stauf’s Last Stand

Description: Embraced originally from the early 1990’s PC titles The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour, old man Stauf is back in an immersive and incredible experience created exclusively for Quake III Arena.
Within these haunted rotting walls, the cackling demented toymaker Henry Stauf beckons your presence for one last round. Abolished are the tedious task of assembling pointless puzzles… the final hour has arrived, and its about drawing blood this time.

In its current state, the mansion is far from its sheer size and volume, such proportions would amount to massive latency of in-game play and, in part, being too large to render properly.

Only the prominent areas of the house were constructed, listed as below.
• Main Foyer
• Library
• Dining Room,
• Upper Hallway
• Game Room (expanded from the original)
• Attic (including an adjacent room)

Installation Instructions:
Enter Stauf’s domain… if you dare!

1. Using a decompression utility such as Stuffit Expander, WinRAR, Winzip, etc. extract the contents of into a temporary directory.
2. Move the following file labeled ‘stauf.pk3’ into your Quake III Arena/BaseQ3 directory. (Note: You must have/obtain the retail copy of Quake III Arena to play this level.)
3. Startup Quake III Arena, and click on Single Player.
4. Once presented with the traditional tier screen, click on the “Skirmish” button located in the center/bottom portion of the screen.
5. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the file “stauf”. This file is also visibly quibble by the small image of a tan/widescreen staircase.
6. Select your preferences of the match and click on “Fight”

Build Information:
• Author: David M. Law
**email removed**
• Development Time: 1 Month
• Tools Used: ZoomText Xtra 7 (Used to magnify and overlay the screen for low vision), GTKRadiant 1.29, GTKBuild 1.2, Photoshop 6, Paint Shop Pro 7, Cool Edit Pro v2, and MS Paint (yes, paint).
• Custom Textures: Yes! (Exclusively created for the Stauf Mansion)
• New Sounds: Yes!
• New Music: Yes! (Snippet extracted from the album Still, from the track Leaving Hope, composed by Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails)
Note: Clip is approximately 14 seconds in length and is in compliance with U.S. Copyright/Media Distribution laws.

Fine Details (Techie Junk)
• Total Brush Count: 1009
• Solid Brushes: 700
• Entities/Assets: 262
• Q3Map Perameters: “Normal”
• Vising Perameters: “Normal”
• Lighting Parameters: -extrawide -nogrid

Additional Credits:

• id Software for creating the open development community for Quake III Arena (as well as the game and technology itself…(duh)
• Trilobyte & Virgin Interactive for profound inspiration received from The 11th Hour.
• Graveyard Skybox constructed by: “Sock” (Custom Skyboxes for Quake III Arena map developers can be found at: )

Distribution Rights/Individual Usage

This production is for individual sampling only and connot be used in any fashion directed or within corporation or game development efforts. Only with prior direct written or verbal consent can such actions be taken legally and not incur infringement and violation charges upon the artist's work.

The following files enclosed may not be altered, distorted, or reverse engineering from their original design and code. Please note that we provide no technical support or assistance in setting up this addition for Quake III Arena on your computer.

Individual distribution rights only allow you to make a single (1) backup copy of this package. All of the original contents and documentation must be intact and unaltered to qualify as backup purposes. This may be done via an online drive, ZIP disk, CD-R/RW | DVD-R/RW, or local storage on your HD.


The “Q” logo, Quake®, Quake III Arena®, and its technologies are registered trademarks of id Software, inc. The 7th Guest®, The 11th Hour®, and the character of Henry Stauf are registered trademarks of Trilobyte Software, inc. Nine Inch Nails®, and NIN® are registered trademarks of Nothing, Interactive.