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4 for a Laugh
* THIS LEVEL IS NOT MADE BY OR SUPPORTED BY id Software * * REQUIRES COMMERCIAL VERSION OF QUAKE3 ARENA TO PLAY * - Release Information - ----------------------- Version : 1.0 Date : 21st April 2002 Comments :- This is the first release of this map. I have this time around decided against releasing any beta versions, as I only made this map for fun and a laugh! - Installation & Usage - ------------------------ 1) Extract map-mvctf02.pk3 and place it into the baseq3 folder found within your Quake3 folder. Commonly "\Program Files\Quake III Arena\baseq3" 2) Start Quake3 Arena 3) Select "Multiplayer", then "Create". Select game type "Capture the Flag", then scroll through the levels until you find "mvctf02" select the map, now select "Fight". - Map Information - ------------------- Name : 4 for a Laugh Filename : mvctf02.pk3 Author : Eric Sambach (aka Munyul Verminard) Website : www.planetquake.com/munyul Email : munyul AT hotmail DOT com Comments :- This map was made over one weekend, and I guess it shows ;) hehe I simply tried to make a map that would be simple and (hopefully) fun to play. I play tested this map against Nightmare bots, and I thought that they played quite well. - Texture Information - ----------------------- Texture Set Name : Pure Ugly Author : Eric Sambach Comments :- Firstly, I AM NOT AN ARTIST!!! That should be obvious! :p Now... I know! Way UGLY right!?!? hehehe :) See, I'm living proof that some people should not be allowed to use any sort of graphics program! - Special Thanks - ------------------ To all the people involved with the maintenace and further development of GtkRadiant and all associated tools. I'd also like to pass on a greeting to all the forum members of the Map Center (www.map-center.com)) - Legal Information - --------------------- 1) This level may NOT be distributed for ANY sort of financial gain! 2) People, groups, organisations, entities and the like may FREELY distribute this level (.pk3) via any electronic format as long as this file is included and remains in original form. 3) This level may NOT be used as a base to build further levels without the authors explicied permission. 4) The author can not be held responsible for any consiquences that may occur from using or possessing this level. * THIS LEVEL IS NOT MADE BY OR SUPPORTED BY id Software * * REQUIRES COMMERCIAL VERSION OF QUAKE3 ARENA TO PLAY *
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