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==================================================================================-------------------------------------- SK8 PARK ============================================================ INSTRUCTIONS ============================================================ Place the SK8PARK.pk3 file in you're base q3 directory. Have fun!!! ======================-------------------------------------- MAP CONSTRUCTOIN ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quake III Radiant : Version 202 Filename : SK8PARK.pk3 Mapname : SK8PARK.bsp Bot file : SK8PARK.aas Author : 187-J4CK4L E-Mail : **email removed** Style of Map : SKATE PARK DM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MY SYSTEM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CPU : AMD T-BIRD 1.1GHZ MEMORY : 1.31 GB MOTHER BOARD : ABIT KT7-A RAID VIDEO CARD : 3D Prophet II Titanium 64MB DDR HARD DRIVES : SEAGATE 40GB 7200RPM IBM 45GB 7200RPM IBM 60GB 7200RPM IBM 60GB 7200RPM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPECIAL THANX ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TO: -Z-AXIS- For you're great tutorials, without you this map would never be complete. -QEradiant.com- Thanks for providing this software so we can all be a part of this amazing game. -LANAHOLICS ANONYMOUS- For you're huge lan parties and weekeds away from our families, without you, us gamers would have a life :) (WWW.LANAHOLICS.COM) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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