Alatair Keep
Alatair Keep - ame7q3dm1 12.27.2001

Installation - Move ame7q3dm1.pk3 to baseq3 folder, and get the chicken.
Description - A purple gothic themed arena, designed for 4-6 players.

Supported Gameplay Modes
Single Player - No
Deathmatch - Yep
Team Deatchmatch - Yes, though no team locations
Capture the Flag - No
Tournament - No

Bot Support - Yes

Custom Textures - Kind of. Just recolors/modifications of original textures.
Skybox - Purplevalley, made by me, modified from original for this map.

Map by Chris Matz
**email removed**

Thanks to -
-Mr. Bungle and Spiff for continued play testing and feedback.
-Everyone on the Q3W forum and at LVL/beta for their helpful feedback.
-Super-groovy-extra-special thanks to ydnar for creating his great q3map, which helped trim 500-1000 tris off my heaviest areas! Woo-hoo!

All original copyright still belong to their original owners.
All are welcome to distribute this .pk3 in it's entirety, with this readme and all other files transferred in their original state.
Please do not redistribute any files from inside of this .pk3 with my permission.