Kineterra1 by Kit Carson & Nemo

Kineterra1 is out after an hard work of brushing and terra modelling,
you can play this map with Q3 and Team Arena using the same pk3!
The map [[[does]]] support Q3A CTF, Team Arena CTF-ONEFLAG-HARVESTER-OVERLOAD,
Threewave CCTF-CaptureStrike.

Map features
a cool terrain:), lots of new shaders with new textures or combined shaders
between default Id textures, new ambient sounds and other small effects (i.e.:
if you walk near one of the canyons edges, you will ear the rocks falling
down the canyons borders).

Creation history
Nemo, (aka Frankesk) the creator of EasyGen, the innovative Terrain Editor tool,
created the terrain entity for the map, while I started to put toghether some
new cool shaders.

Then, I filled the map with gothic architectures keeping in mind the CTF gameplay,
and the new shaders, after that, Nemo started to study the Team Arena entities and
later he included all this freakin' stuff inside the map, after 1 month of betatesting
stages -we built and tested about 12 different terrains, we rebuilt 3 differents
accesses to the bases ...

When the map was 90% done I started to tweak and improve the gameplay while adding
new details and "eye candyes", me and Nemo performed hours of tests and the last step
was the ambient sound and finally the map was done!

Hello, it's nakedape here ...
Kit sent me a beta version of the map and i offered to add in support for Threewave CTF.
After some entity adjustments and modifications for the Grapple
the map now supports Threewave ClassicCTF and CaptureStrike.
Additional thanks go to Johnny Law and Kilderean on the Threewave forums.
Working on this map inspired me to contribute a few of my own brushes as well :)
I also supplied the "nkd_taspawn" models that appear when the map is played
in Quake III Team Arena.

Map credits
ctf_united textures from Threewave, one textures:) -medieval from Similand, some sounds
from Inflict, the rest of textures and sounds are made by Kit Carson, Nemo and default
sounds,textures by Id software. I'm Sorry for the authors of some textures or sounds I
found around the web in those 2 years or in my 3 gigabyte quake3 folder, without name.

Kit Carson Credits:
to Paul Jaquays for the time he spend for the mappers comunity!
to Astrocreep cause hes a good person:)
to Frenzi for his permanent work-clothes
to the women with Big Boobs, we need more of them...

Nemo Credits:
**email removed**
guys of quakeitalia editing forum (
guys of quake3world editing forum (


nakedape credits:

As always, thanks to Johnny Law, Karloff, Paul, and the guys at Q3W.
Johnny Law's Flipper plugin for GTKRadiant really sped up production.
Groovemaster gets a big shout out for building the fireplace mantles
and the bridges by the waterfalls :)

- fini