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Title - xdm4
Author - Tim "Imric" Bourne
Email Address **email removed**
Home Page - shib.quakeshit.com/
Description - Quake3 remake and remix of qdm4.....new item layout cos its for ProMode only.
Date Published - hmmz...been on my h/d ages now,id say around August

-= Play Information =-
Bot Play - Yes
Teamplay - No
Tourney - Yes
Player load - 2
New Sounds - No
New Textures - Yes headhunters texture pack by rors:)
New Models - No

-= Installation =-
Extract the .pk3 file into your baseq3 directory in your
Quake3 folder.

-= Construction =-
Base - Quake 1 Level by ID software.
Editors used - Q3Radiant v202.
Utilities used - Q3Map, Q3Build, BSPC, notepad.
Known Bugs - Bots go wild on tele:/
Compile Machine - AMD Athlon "Thunderbird" 1100Mhz with 512Mb (PC 133) SDRAM.
Took a 40 hours to make,changed it loads to get it to play right.

-= Thanks =-
All the people who helped megettin the scaling sorted,was a headache but its over now:D
All the playtesters on promdoe channel,ix aph,dauer,q tab,drex,arc,arQon,phage! and anyone else i forgot.
Thx to tubee and wiz for uploading map:) onto demohaus and Quakeshit servers.
id Software for Quake3: Arena,

-= Notes =-
This map is desigend for promode only!
This map is a remix and remake of the classic quake map dm4 the bad place.
All credit to ID for amking a kick ass map that still gets mad usage.

-= Copyright / Permissions =-
Any public servers may use this level, just tell me, so I
can come play! Also, any competitions wishing to use this level,
feel free to do so.

You MAY distribute this level, provided you include this
file, with no modifications.

-= Where to get this level =-