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Beneath the Remains
>>>>> MAP INFO <<<<< Title: Beneath the Remains File Name: Storm3dm2 Author: StormShadow Authors homepage: http://www.geocities.com/st0rmsh4d0w/ Contact info: Email: **email removed** **email removed** IRC: #ntclan on irc.enterthegame.com Map info: 3-5 player FFA/Tourney/4v4 TDM Reccomended for play as ffa. Map description: A number of rooms and corridors fairly openly connected, one teleporter. YA, RA, MH, RL, RG, PG, SG Custom Textures: Meat pack texture pack by Pete Parisi www.badmeat.com Bots: Bots navigate the level just fine, and they go for all the weapons and items. Bugs/problems: NONE (email me plz if you find any) Tools: Construction: q3radiant 2.02 Build: q3build 1.4 Tex/levelshot editing: Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Other: Quake 3 Arena Master 1.2 (for easy .arena files) Winzip (for pk3 creation) Construction time: Couple weeks on and off Compile/aas time: 5-10 mins Compile machine: pIII 600, 256 RAM Install: Unzip into your quakeIIIarena/baseq3 folder. Open q3, select single player/skirmish. Map will show up under tourney, ffa, and tdm. Or extract to baseq3, run q3 and type /map storm3dm2 into console. Thx to: Pete (Meat) Parisi for the texture set, Fark, sh1v, and soul_torcher for hosting my maps and beta testing Thunder, Vagabond, TheAce for beta testing (thunder particularly :D) Copywrite info: You can distribute this map all you want by any means, electronic or otherwise but you MUST include this text file, and you MUST credit me as the author of this map. If you want to distribute it with a map pack or something, you must get my permission 1st (**email removed**). Notes: Bot play is very good in ffa mode. 4v4 TDM is really fast placed and fun, if not particularly strategic. Tournament mode is very good against human competitors, but its not too great against bots. Its actually quite challenging to run the armors in this map, but it is a bit too large for tourney play against bots. But my top reccomendation is 4-5 bot FFA with the bots that i added (they were added for a reason, i did extensive bot testing and found that these 4 bots work the best).
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