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Arena Gate CTF
----------------------------------------------------------------------- Title : "Arena Gate CTF" Filename : map-dm1_ctf.pk3 Author : sir capalot Email Address : **email removed** Description : id's Q3DM1 level, converted to CTF Additional Credit : id software, for the original DM version. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Instructions: ------------- 1 ) Extract map-dm1_ctf.pk3 into your C:\Program Files\Quake III Arena\baseq3 folder 2 ) Start Quake3 3 ) FIGHT!. * Play Information * Settings : CTF Players : best played 3 per team Bot Support : Yes * Construction * Build Time : ? on and off. Compile Time : ? Editor(s) used : GTK-Radiant, Photoshop. Known Bugs : no. * Distribution / Copyright / Permissions * Feel free to distribute this file in any form, as long as proper credit is given to id Software for making the original DM version. Please note that I am only credited with doing the modification and this text file. Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.
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