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================================================================================ * Quake 3 Arena Level * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title : Nethren Filename : ww3dm1 Author : Attila 'Ww3' Houtkooper Date : 18 August 2001 E-mail address : **email removed** Homepage URL : www.worldwar3.cjb.net -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Single Player : Yes Deathmatch : Yes Teamplay : Yes Suggested player load : 2-4 New Textures : Yes New Sounds : No -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unzip the .pk3 file into your baseq3 directory. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * COMMENTS BY THE AUTHOR * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nethren is a small level designed for fast/furious fragfests in 1on1 2on2 or 3-4 player DM.<br> There really isn't any background to this level, it started out as a spacelevel, but turned around to something industrial, brown and fantasy-like. Although the initial design didn't make it, I'm pleased with the way the level turned out and I hope you enjoy it. If you've got any suggestions or questions, I am open to constructive critisism so drop me a line; **email removed** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Construction * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Map Base : New Map Prefabs used : No Prefabs Used Mapobjects used : No Mapobjects Used Editor used : GTKRadiant 1.1 TA Other utilities used : Photoshop, BobToolz Known Bugs : None. Compile machine : 0.8 GHz, 385Mb BSP time : dunno VIS time : dunno RAD time : ... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * OTHER LEVELS BY THE AUTHOR * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My first completed level. I am satisfied with the result. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * CREDITS * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks go out to: Phil Quilter ( www.philquilter.cjb.net ) The_Evil_Lord for their valuable input during development. ================================================================================ * COPYRIGHT / PERMISSIONS * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. This map MAY NOT be sold, or in any other way turn into profit for any other person than the author. This map MAY be distributed on any media as long as this media is distributed freely without anyone having to pay for it.
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