by Lee David Ash
e-mail: **email removed**
website: www.planetquake.com/violationE/

Tools: Q3Radiant 202, GTKradiant 1.1

Name: LDAQ3A02DM
Brushes: 1053
Entities: 147
Vis type: Fastvis (slack!)
Bot behaviour: Below average
FPS rating: Decent
Credit/Thanks2: id software, D.L.ASH, Nick Kuiper.
Date: 19/06/01

Known Bugs/design flaws:-
A brush face where the regeneration
is found disappears when inside the

Designer's note:-
I'm not very pleased with this one,
although it took about 3 days with
about 3 hours each day to finish it.
It's a real mess that tries to look
like it belongs in Q3, which is
something I try to stay away from.
This is just a map I have done for
the sake of putting out a new map.
Not a lot of care was put into it,
especially with that section around
the Plasma Gun, which would have had
about 5 minutes worth of work put
into it. The good features about this
map is that it runs well, and it's
detail is also well distributed so
that you'll never turn a corner and
be hit with a massive drop in FPS.
Also, I think it's a lot of fun.
During the playtesting I saw a lot of
funny things happen which made me
laugh, so that's a good thing. All in
all, it took me nothing to do and
knowing my luck it will probably be
the more popular maps I've done for
Q3 so far, which isn't fair. Please,
give LDAQ3A01CTF a chance!!!!