Gothic Strike
Date Original: 22.06.2001
Subject Quake 3 Arena Map
Author Sergey "McBugzz" Yeliseyv
Mail **email removed**


Tools Q3Radiant
Map Name Gothic Strike - by McBugzz
Gametype ffa, tourney, teamplay
Spawn points 9
Mega yes
Tech nope
Additions nope
AAS yes
Levelshot yes

Legal stuff:

This map can be distributed by electronic means ONLY. DO NOT modify the contents of the pk3 file.
If you want to use this map in your map pack/modification/whatever, please contact me first.
If you want to use something from the *.pk3 file (shaders, images, textures etc.), ya have to contact me also.


Woah! This map is my vision of the proper Quake 3 style. I didn't like and don't like all those
"new style" things ppl do to Quake 3 maps. I've done what I like. I play this map cause I like it.
I DO hope you'll like it too.

Sergey "McBugzz" Yeliseyv