dead boy's poem
by polo
22:19 19/07/2001
Title : dead boy's poem
Filename : polo3dm3
Author : polo
E-mail : **email removed**
Description : Quake III: Arena - CPMA

a challenge promode Arena Duel map

* Description *

little duel map with some long jumps, you got a chance to win only with bunny-hoping
you can change the item set very easy:

/map polo3dm3
/callvote mapcfg polo3dm3isX

X un nombre de 1 a 4
itemset 1 - small ffa with quad damage
itemset 2 - ffa with quad damage and lot of armour
itemset 3 - tourney ra-ya
itemset 4 - tourney ra-ya another version

by default there is a green and a yellow armor. a megahealth...

there is a demo to view some tricks on the map, recorded by XB-Bleader with PR 129f
/demo polo3dm3

compiled with: fullvis light extra and bot support.

Thanks :

- the CPMA team at

- l00l cup : PoQ-Idle

- ( Parkha , XB-Bleader , moun ) at irc quakenet : Betatest

* Credits *

- textures from

- demo by XB-Bleader

* Copyright / Permissions *

Enjoy and thank you,

comments: **email removed** / **email removed**

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