Title			: conquistadores lost
mapfilename		: knc_dm3
Author                  : Kaffeewunder
E-mail                  : **Email Removed**
Homepage                :
			  ( visit also )

size 			: Large

players			: ffa 8 - 12; teamdm 4 - 8 ( recommened)

gametypes 		: ffa teamdm

textures  		: skybox - hw_lagoon - ( Colin Lowndes ) |  textures base
on materials found at
custommusic		: none 

customsounds		: sounds from 

tools used		: notepad, netradiant, Google Sketchup 8 ,q3map2build, adobe photoshop, irfanview,
paint, winrar 

Thx to 			: rush ,bozz and my brother, maverick ( for hosting this
competition and supporting the q3mappingcommunity. 
			  Also a big thanks to the other sponsors : Massacreservers , Sapphire, Kot-in-Action,
Idsoftware, Readyupradio, Lunarmodules, Luxology, Wacom


About :

Designed for the "Maverick Servers Quake 3 Mapping Competition" "conquistadores lost" is a
TeamDeathmatchmap best played 4v4, but also enjoyable with 8 players on regular Deathmatch, i doubt
that it will make fun to duel in as long as you dont have a superaggressiv opponent.


The story behind	:	

The Vadrigars, the great arenalords, like the sweet taste of blood and bitter irony. And how should
it be else, conqestadores lost, is the place where it all that comes together. 
The good old conquistadores were greedy bastards and had no conscience, so they came on a headland,
build a fortress including a small harbor, and died. but before they found death, they found also
some glowing minerals which they really shouldnt had. 
Since hauling is hard and exhaustive they just took the natives there as slaves, without knowing
that this glowing stuff were souls of fallen mayawarriors ( lol it sounds pretty öh...wired.), which
the slaved mayapriests could
summon as dark creapy creatures. After non of the Ships heading to this harbor came back, the
spanish crown decieded to delete this harbor from their maps and made this area forbidden. And
everyone who got there acciedently will be welcomed 
by the souls of the dead slaves, and the restless souls of the lost conquistadores...
*putinthrillerlaugh*. So far the 0815story, behind. Now its up to you, hf with the map. =)

Note 			:

i would raise the com_hunkmegs and com_zonehunkmegs, if the map doesnt load for you.


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