Offworld by [Kona]
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#18   20 Jan 2012
Love it! :) 10/10.
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not entered unregistered
#17   14 Aug 2001
yesterday had an 1hour 1v1 on this, and man... it was great!

no hide-n-seek

pure action!

surely 1 of the best tourney-maps i grabbed so far(and ive all the goodies).

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Featured Ripper unregistered
#16   23 Jul 2001
Size does matter...but not with this map. Fast and fun. Great work.
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elvis unregistered
#15   12 Jul 2001
i agree

keep churning

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hannibal unregistered
#14   11 Jul 2001
This is still a good map Kona, but you already know my feelings about its size :p

....just don't stop churnin' out the maps man.

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[Kona] unregistered
#13   09 Jul 2001
hey guys! thanks for all the comments. yeah i realized afterwards it's a bit tight and small, but i couldn't be bothered fixing it. so i'm glad some ppl still like it :)
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Octovus unregistered
#12   09 Jul 2001
Little small, big fun :-)

Like the texturing but it can be a bit overpowering at times. I was thinking, "Where the hell is the off switch??" after a certain amount of time playing.

I think this works well with around a 4 person FFA. Having the "good" weapons up top is more than a little iffy. It's difficult to get up there without being noticed, so if you don't spawn up top (which is likely as not from what I saw) then you are in a mite of trouble. The RA might have better been swapped with the RL, imo.

Of course I haven't read the other comments, perhaps someone has already said that. My eyes are just getting tired :-p


P.S. Gave it an 8

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Commander Keen unregistered
#11   09 Jul 2001
I just have not gotten tired of these textures yet. They look great. But this map gets a 10 on layout alone. good job Kona!
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Q-Fraggel unregistered
#10   09 Jul 2001
Definitly a really good one.

A little bit too small for me but that's just a question of taste :)

Great use of headhunting Clockwork !!

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elvis unregistered
#9   09 Jul 2001
to not entered:

i think its because less people are actually mapping or something like that..

i started back up with my newer skills =)

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elvis unregistered
#8   09 Jul 2001
i played this map way back in beta state. textures looked good then, and now, an nicer architecture i believe. i thought there was a bfg=)

in the secret room.. a regen isnt bad but still fast an fun regardless. the button took me a while to find... its real small in the main room with the RA up high above the door way thats not in that screen shot up there.. its to the left more. =) sorry if i ruined it for some but some probobly cant find it =b great work

though its not a great tourney map btw would be a nice ctf map

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Juz unregistered
#7   08 Jul 2001
Actually i'm doing the coding for HH3.

I can say it will almost certainly get finished

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not entered unregistered
#6   07 Jul 2001
I had a lot of fun on this level. I love those textures; they are probably one of my favorite sets.

I also thought it seemed a little tight in the hallways, but I never actually got hung up or stuck or anything. It just gives a intense claustrophobic feel once you get used to it!!

And yeah, the bots do play this really well!!

Why does it seem like fewer people share there comments here these days?

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not entered unregistered
#5   07 Jul 2001
HH3 ever going to get done, or what? it looked like it was going to make us all its bitches there for a while...
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Abyss unregistered
#4   06 Jul 2001
Is [Kona], Is Good !!

Recently looked up the meaning of the term "GamePlay" in a dictionary,.....................

It simply said "[Kona]"


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nanoSpawn unregistered
#3   06 Jul 2001
Yeah, great map there. By far the best Kona one, sure. Although i find it kinda small, even for tourney. A 8 goes there.
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The Loader unregistered
#2   06 Jul 2001
very fast frag-party with many tight places creating an intense gameplay atmosphere

Nice !!

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nitin unregistered
#1   06 Jul 2001
very good, one of Kona's best maps, although it's a little cramped at times in FFA.
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