Climbing up the walls
by rfw
Climbing up the walls by rfw
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Deathmonger unregistered
#9   19 Jun 2001
Great job at gameplay. Next time take your time with lightening. This is so fullbright...
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Good Map. unregistered
#8   18 Jun 2001
Bad Lighting. Everything else is 10/10
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q3freak unregistered
#7   18 Jun 2001
I have played your map and I think, it's a very solid map.

Yes, the lighting is a little bit to bright, but its my taste... Good idea is the animation on the cables.

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pjw unregistered
#6   17 Jun 2001
Great map! But I'm a little confused--I remember beta testing this on the Q3W forums quite a while ago (certain bits like the RA and Regen placement are very memorable and cool), but it seems you've given it a layer of new wallpaper since then. Also, have you switched nicks? rfw doesn't ring a bell, and I'd think that I would remember, having played (I'm pretty sure) a couple of different betas. I'm hoping it's not the onset of early senility.

Anyway, nice job on the final!

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hth unregistered
#5   17 Jun 2001
Just checked out your map. Great work!

I think the layout is exemplary. Good flow, and perfect vis-blocking. It´s always nice to see authors actually think about vis.

Only two things I can think of that I didn´t like.

  • I thought the texturing was fine, for what it is. The standard Q3A textures have just become SO tired. I´d recommend checking out the texture collection at The Big House.

  • Like Auhsan said, the lighting is too bland.

Once again, great work.

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Auhsan unregistered
#4   16 Jun 2001
nice map,very solid...

the texturing is a bit odd sometimes and the lighting is too bland, but apart of that is a great map... good work there

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WarMachine unregistered
#3   16 Jun 2001
b... it is a very cool map i d/l this map ages ago cant remmember where ive got over 100 q3a site links in my faverites lol, but yeah its got a good layout game play is good bots play fine good solid work rfw, my fav map of yours is rfwq3dm1 keep up the good work mate :)...War
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B... unregistered
#2   16 Jun 2001
It had better be good!! im no. 744 in thew fileplanet que :)
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rfw unregistered
#1   16 Jun 2001
Thanks a lot for the very nice review. I am looking forward to the comments...
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