Gooseberry Fool (TA version)
Gooseberry Fool (TA version) by Islonik
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Buck Wilde unregistered
#3   10 May 2001
Thanks for the info Tigger-oN. Because I was totally clueless! Where can I get a list of other commands and what they do? Thanks again!
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#2   10 May 2001
Buck Wilde: I don't think anyone can ever master mapping :] I didn't notice that you could end up outside the map otherwise I would have commented about that in the review. Next time you find your self stuck like that you can bring down the console an type the following;


This will make you sucide, but does get you back into the game.

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Buck Wilde unregistered
#1   09 May 2001
I thought the map was pretty good. I can not talk bad about anyones map because its something I have not yet mastered. One problem that I did find and I had to hurry and comment on was that I got shot into space and didn't die! I was able to walk around. And you know what they say about space...Nobody can hear you scream! So true! Nobody heard me screaming. So for me to get out, I had to exit the game! Just my 2Cents!
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