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Alien Temple by EmaentrA
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ZIN unregistered
#4   27 days ago
this map is another old school gem. as with all space maps, gameplay is a lot more predictable as you can see everyone, all the time. as a consequence, the gameplay is about the same as most space maps. that being said, at least the map is asynchronous.
the sun makes it really hard to see your crosshair and affects accuracy which is a nice challenge.
in my opinion the rg spoils the map. i'd replace it with mg ammo. i'm not a fan of rg's in spacemaps like this one where you can camp the platform.
the machine gun on the other hand is much more rewarding in this scenario and offers players a chance to hone their aim on moving targets, like with most spacemaps. overall, i love this map and it's a great as both a warm up map and a mid-rotation surprise. the only thing i'd change is removing the rg and adding mg ammo on the rg platform.
here's my playthrough:
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1940
#3   03 Apr 2013
Somebody ought to make a map based on a futuristic outpost on the Saturnian Moon: Titan.

I have the perfect ideas, but just don't have the skill to make a map.

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gooball Rep. 816
#2   21 Sep 2010
ya nice map! i love thwe saturn
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Rokscott unregistered
#1   07 Sep 2001
Was checking though the Lvl archives and came across this one, liked the screenshot and decieded to DL it.

Glad I did because I thought it was alot better than the review suggests.

I would have said that the gameplay was average rather than weak. The looks of this map are very good though, so an 8 outa 10 from me.

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